Virtual Consultant is a unique collaboration between the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Medicine Program designed to help users improve shelter animal health and increase life saving by providing practical, targeted information regarding critical aspects of animal care.  The Virtual Consultant generates practical reports that meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders.

The consultative tool is freely available online, providing shelters, rescues, and other animal welfare organizations with immediate feedback and reports regarding animal care practices. Information entered into the Virtual Consultant is private; individual answers submitted in response to questions and the reports we generate based on your responses will only be seen by you.  The Virtual Consultant will be expanded through the ongoing addition of content and functionality.

The UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and the UW Shelter Medicine Program gratefully acknowledge the support of the Koret Foundation and the Patterson Foundation for their contributions to Virtual Consultant. This project was also made possible through a generous grant from the ASPCA.